OFFICIAL TRAILER - A Tale From the Book of Christmas (2020) 


In the days leading up to Christmas, Hope is a broke single mother who is struggling to buy her son Robbie a present, whilst ex-partner Ted, a severely depressed alcoholic, wants nothing else but to see Robbie for Christmas.  Everything changes when Hope meets Mark, a grieving father of two young boys. 


Produced by Dasha Melnik & Joshua Scattergood 

Written & Directed by Joshua Scattergood 

Cinematography by Dasha Melnik 

1st AD -  Tyler Lindsay-Smith

Production Designer - Jackson Smith

Sound Operators -  Alistair Roos & Adam Watson

Assistant DOP - Mike Coughran 

Sound Design -  Hirsch Osborne 

Editor - Joshua Scattergood 


Courtney Jordan

Adam Poole

Nicholas Allen

Nate Garnett 

Gordon Scattergood

Patricia Scattergood 

Adam Watson 

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